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Making small electrical changes to a property can enhance it's appearance.  As a property owner, you like to ensure that your home or business premises look spruced-up and is well-maintained at all times. It’s why you occasionally upgrade your furniture, add to the decor in your house/commercial establishment, get the space repainted or remodelled. Many people also like to ensure that the electrical fixtures in their home are of the latest design and styling. When you decide to make electrical changes to your premises, we strongly advise you to hire an experienced professional for Small Electrical Jobs in Dublin. Contact GTR Electrical for advice and a competitive quote today.

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Today, many new products get launched regularly, and you may feel that you want to replace the boring-looking white sockets with stylish new chrome ones. You may want to add some accent lighting to a wall that you just got painted in a new texture. At times, you find that some switch isn’t functioning as it should or that you experience shock when you touch an electrical appliance. All these are mainly small jobs that do crop up on any property, every once in a while.

Some DIY enthusiasts feel that they would be able to handle these jobs themselves. Still, it’s not something we at GTR Electrical recommend. Electricity isn’t something you should be fooling around with, and experienced and licensed electricians in Dublin should tackle all electrical jobs, big or small. Our company, GTR Electrical,  are one of the leading operators in this space. Providing consistent high-grade services to residential and commercial customers in and around Dublin.

Range of Small Electrical Jobs in Dublin we handle

Above all, our customers know that whether they want a significant rewiring job done or some Small Electrical Jobs in Dublin, they will get the best services at the most cost-effective price points.  In addition to this, no matter what the job, our expert RECI accredited personnel ensure completion of all jobs to the current regulatory standards. The different types of jobs we can tackle are:

  • Addition or replacement of new sockets in an existing circuit.
  • Replacement of light socket or switches to new, coloured accessories.
  • Upgrading older pendant lights to down lighters.
  • Installing new circuits for showers/ electric cookers.
  • Bathrooms rewiring- this includes lighting, shaver sockets .
  • Installation of outdoor sockets.
  • Rewiring in the kitchen, repairs of fused switches or replacement of old and worn out fixtures.
  • Fire alarm installation & testing.

Top-notch electrical services

Our Dublin Electricians are very particular in the manner in which we tackle our work.  We use the best and highest-grade materials.  All our electricians are highly trained and certified, and we complete the job safely, efficiently and unobtrusively.

We are RECI certified electricians in Dublin and adhere to the highest quality standards in all our projects. For more information about the range of services we provide, call GTR Electrical at 0863631384.


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At GTR Electrical we dedicate ourselves to our customers and are here for emergency electrical work in Dublin. Just call and we will come.

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