LED Downlight Installations

LED Downlight Installations in Dublin

LED Downlight Installations in Dublin are becoming an increasingly popular installation. Today, the focus is on using environment-friendly options for various installations and fixtures in a home. People also make every effort to make their homes more energy-efficient and install insulation etc, to ensure they are using less energy. In this respect,

They are 80% more energy-efficient than standard incandescent/ halogen bulbs. These bulbs also last for a number of years, without requiring replacement. Not only are these fittings used in indoor spaces, but are ideal for all types of LED fixtures. Some people have qualms about opting for LED installations, because they tend to be more expensive than traditional lighting options.

However, their energy-efficiency and longevity ensure they provide value in the long term. Today, many property owners, both residential and commercial are opting for these installations. These add a very contemporary and stylish look on your property and they add value to your home. We at GTR Electrical have been operating in this space for over 18 years and have vast experience in handling all type of electrical works. We can design & install the kind of lighting system you need.

More about LED Downlight Installations in Dublin

LED Downlight Installations in Dublin are an extremely popular option nowadays and we can provide you advice and options about the different types of dowlighters available in the market today. You can choose from fittings such as standard, chrome, brushed chrome, brass or white. These are perfect for the indoors spaces on your property. If you prefer, we can also provide downlighters for outdoor applications; these are weatherproof and can easily be used in various outdoor areas of your home.

Many of our customers in and around Dublin are now upgrading their older 50w low voltage downlighters to the modern day, economical LED installations. As mentioned earlier, they consume less energy, even as they throw the same amount of light. Many of them don’t even require transformers and this is an added benefit as you don’t have to call in an electrician to deal with transformers that stop working.

High quality Installations

When we handle this work, you are assured that the work will be carried out efficiently, safely and that all the installations will be in line with the latest rules and regulations. Our electricians tackle the job in a very neat and clean manner and they work with the least amount of disturbance to the activities in your home or commercial establishment.

We are a RECI certified electrician in Dublin and adhere to the highest quality standards in all our projects. For more information about our electrical services, call GTR Electrical at 0863631384.

LED Downlight Installations in Dublin

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