Why Choose a Registered Electrician

Always Choose a Registered Electrician

TIP - When hiring an electrician, always check they are registered and insured, have a look at the RECIwebsite, this can help with finding a local electrician to complete the job.


  • • All electrical work undertaken fully insured
  • • Registered Electricians are up to date with all todays electrical safety & industry standards
  • • All electrical work 100% Guaranteed
  • • Supporting legal and local trade
  • • All income is subject to VAT and is contributing to the state
  • • Valid warranty on all electrical material used
  • • All these points along with competitive prices offer our customers real value for their money

Over all the main advantage of choosing a registered electrician is piece of mind!

Everyone knows things are tight money wise, but deciding to let an uninsured electrician complete works in your house or business could have a larger cost in the long run in comparison with the initial savings.

The chance might be small that something could go wrong post completion of the job but that still means there is a chance that it could go south! for example I recently replaced a fuse board in modern enough house and as I was inspecting what needed to be done I found some components of the board charred and dangerously close to igniting. If this was fitted by an uninsured electrician, there is a good chance of having no cover for the repairs.
For more useful information keep an eye on my blog. oh and if you need an additional socket, a full rewire or just feeling secure in the electrical work done