Immersion Timer Installation

Immersion Timer Installation in Dublin

An immersion heater is essentially an electric water heater that’s fitted within a hot water cylinder. It acts somewhat like a kettle and uses an electric resistance heater (a metal coil/lop), to heat the water that surrounds it. This heater connects to its own power supply via an electrical cable. It can be switched off & on easily. Furthermore, you don’t have to continuously heat the water that’s inside the hot water cylinder.

While some homeowners have an immersion water heater installed as the primary water heater, some get it installed as a backup heater for their combi boilers. In short, an immersion heater is a very convenient way to heat up the water.  It allows you to heat only as much and, or as little as you need. However, these heaters can sometimes guzzle much energy. The one way to control this is to opt for Immersion Timer Installation in Dublin.

How Immersion Timer Installation in Dublin benefits you

These timers are excellent in that they give you much better control over your heating. Timers are available in digital and analogue variants, and all it requires is the push of a button to switch it on to start heating the water. For all your standard water heating requirements, you only have to get a programmable immersion timer installed. Immersion timers enable the supply of hot water only when you require it; as a result, prevents the system from operating for longer than necessary. You can very conveniently pre-set your immersion heater to get switched on at specific times.

Once you get this installed, you don’t have to worry about waking up half an hour early to ensure you have some hot water in the mornings. While there is a range of timers to choose from, you must hire the services of a company that has vast experience in immersion timer installation.

We at GTR Electrical are a company that has been operating in this space for over 18 years. We have the knowledge, skill, and the experience to tackle this job with the highest levels of expertise. There are a variety of timers to choose from, firstly, we can help with advice and information about these installations; secondly,  this enables you to make a better decision about which fixture you want.

Hire certified and experienced electricians

Regardless of the kind of electrical job, you must get an experienced and certified electrician in Dublin to handle the situation for you. Our electricians are well-trained in all the aspects of safety in electrical installations. GTR Electrical ensure all our work carried out meets with the current rules and regulations.

GTR Electricians, RECI certified, fully insured electricians in Dublin and adhere to the highest quality standards in all our projects. For more information about our services, call GTR Electrical at 0863631384.


Immersion Timer Installations in Dublin

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