Fuse Board Replacement

Fuse Board Replacement in Dublin

Many homeowners attempt to tackle fuse board replacement and certain electrical jobs themselves. This is something we at GTR Electrical never recommend. Electrical work is something that only a licensed and experienced professional should handle. There are a number of complexities involved in jobs like Fuse Board Replacement in Dublin, and it’s important to have proper knowledge about the different components, wiring etc; this is something which comes with certification and training.

When is fuse board replacement in Dublin required?

Fuse board replacement is one such job that’s best left to the professionals. Many residential and commercial properties have the traditional fuse board that has the older screw-in type of fuses. Not only is it becoming increasingly difficult to purchase these, but they don’t offer the same level of protection & safety that the current day mcb/tripswitch boards offer.

Over the years, a large majority of our customers have requested us for fuse board replacement. It’s one of the best ways to upgrade the electrical installation on your property, without having to actually get the entire place rewired. When you are getting this or any other electrical job done, the one thing to keep in view at all times, is that the professional you hire for the job should be licensed and insured.

About fuse board replacement and earthing

It’s not uncommon for people to inadvertently hire unscrupulous operators that would handle the job, but wouldn’t provide an RECI certificate once the job is compete. This is something you should be wary of. We always provide the necessary RECI certificate on completion of the job. This gives you peace of mind that the work has been completed to the current rules and regulations.

Typically, when this job is being done, it’s important that your home’s main earthing be upgraded too; this will bring it up-to-date with the current day rules & regulations. The actual fuse board upgrade is only 50% of the job. The only way the safety devices on the new consumer unit will operate correctly is when there is proper earthing in place.
A credible operator will be able to provide certificates only when the earthing and replacement of the fuse board is done simultaneously on your property. This will be of great benefit to you & your property. You have peace of mind that your electrical installation is safe and this upgrade adds value to your home as well.

Guaranteed working

When we handle this job, you are assured that the work will be carried out to the highest standards and we provide guarantees for our work. Always hire the services of a qualified electrician for all big and small electrical jobs. All the electricians on board our team are trained in installation of various safety devices necessary in this replacement work. For more information about our fuse board replacement services and the range of other solutions we provide, call GTR Electrical at 0863631384.

Fuse Board Replacement

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