Attic Conversion Electrician in Dublin

Many homeowners like to add an attic conversion to their homes to make some additional living space.  Some may choose to move house to acquire this extra living space, but some may decide to extend their current home.  There is a way to extend the functionality of their existing living space, and without undertaking any major extension work.  Convert areas like the attic and basement with a Dublin Electrician.

A New Living Space

Many people convert their attics.  To add a guest or child's bedroom.  Maybe a study room or an entertainment room.  However, the attic or basement space has to be made more liveable.  By adding furniture and installing flooring, and the walls may need a coat of paint.  Although important, it’s probably even more important to have the right kind of lighting.  Installed by an Attic Conversion Electrician in Dublin.

Light Fixtures

Typically, these areas don’t require too many light fixtures.  They may initially be used only for storing extra household items.  But once you decide you want to put your attic to better use, you will need much more than a single attic light.  So, GTR Electrical, Dublin Electricians are ready to bring your conversion to a new level.

Attic Conversion Electrician in Dublin - Our Process

We are a well-reputed company based in Dublin.  Our Electricians can handle any scale of project with the highest levels of expertise. When you call us, we come over to your location and survey the space.  We understand where all the different furniture and features will be.  With this in mind, we will then provide advice about the type of fittings you could have in your attic. So, to enhance your conversion.

Getting a Quote

Once you confirm what you require, our electrician will quickly provide a quote.  On your approval, the work will be carried out on a day and time convenient to you. Based on the type of wiring and installations you have.  We generally recommend that we run new electrical circuits when you are renovating your attic.  So, to prevent overloading the circuits in the upper stories of your home.

This job is slightly complicated, but our Dublin electricians can expertly handle the situation with expertise and the least amount of disruption to you.  GTR Electrical supervisors ensure all work is completed quickly and efficiently.

Why we are the best professionals to hire

Regardless of whether the project is big or small, our electrician in Dublin will ensure the job is completed to your 100% satisfaction.  So, only high-grade materials are used in every job, and our workmanship is guaranteed.  This ensures any electrical installation we handle for you will last for a very long time, without any trouble.

RECI Certified

The other important thing is that our electricians are well trained in all the safety aspects.  The work will be in line with all current-day rules and regulations.

We are RECI certified electricians and adhere to the highest quality standards in all our work. For more information about our electrical services for attic conversions and the range of other services we provide, call GTR Electrical at 0863631384.

Attic Conversion Electrician

Your Emergency Electrician

At GTR Electrical we dedicate ourselves to our customers and are here for emergency electrical work in Dublin. Just call and we will come.

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