Socket and Light Installations

Pat Testing in Dublin

Full visual inspection & electrical testing of each of the appliances at your business. Conducted with specialised machinery to spot any possible faults.

Appliance Tagging

Each Appliance will be labelled with a barcoded ID tag with dates and results printed on them so that is clear that each of your appliances have been tested.

Certification & Reporting

You will receive a detailed report outlining the results of all of your appliances. These reports are in approved format for safety offices and insurance companies.

We are a RECI certified electrician in Dublin and adhere to the highest quality standards in all our projects. For more information about the range of other solutions we provide, call GTR Electrical at 0863631384.

Socket and Light Installations

Your Emergency Electrician

At GTR Electrical we dedicate ourselves to our customers and are here for emergency electrical work in Dublin. Just call and we will come.

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