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House Re-Wiring & Fuse Board Repair

This week I was in south Dublin out past Tallaght for a major re- wiring of a group of apartments and a total fuse
board overhaul, Reasons why you should get your home re wired:

1. If you frequently receive an electrical shock when you plug in a cord the house could need to be rewired.
2. Buzzing or sizzling sounds are an indication you need a rewire.
3. Flickering or dimming lights indicate overloaded circuits or loose connections.

There are many more but the reason to fix the problem

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Triton and Mira Electric Showers Installation

Electric Showers Installation.

An electric shower is essential for a very hot Shower when only cold water is available and an electrical feed and it does the rest , so
no need for hot water in your hot press. two good brands that can be supplied and installed are the Triton t90 or Mira Elite

House Electrics Dublin



Small electrical work in Shankill

The customer contacted me through RECI website. The work commenced on tuesday after price had been agreed.

This job consisted of alot of small jobs.The customer wanted extra double sockets in the hall wired back to mcb/fuse board.I installed elcb for circuit as there was not one there already.I also supplied and fitted 32 amp cooker switch to replace faulty cooker switch.I installed brushed chrome gu10 mains down lighters in kitchen/dining/living rooms and hall and landing which the customer was very happy with.

Dimmer switches were provided for downlighters in kitchen/living &

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